Repairs/Warranty Work

Hyattsville Vacuum Service repairs the following types of equipment:

  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Carpet cleaners
  • Buffers
  • Extractors
  • Sewing machines

If it has stopped working, isn’t working as well as it should, or just needs a tune up, bring it to Hyattsville Vacuum Service during our store hours and leave it for a free estimate.

Warranty work

Hyattsville Vacuum Service is a local warranty dealer for:

  • Bissell
  • Electrolux
  • Sandia
  • Sanitaire

Over time cleaning equipment gets very dirty. So we don’t just repair your machine, we clean your machine. Not only will it smell better, but it will extend the life of the machine.

Repair policies

Due to the large number of repairs we receive each day, we do not guarantee same-day estimates or repairs.

Sewing machines are repaired in the store by an outside expert.

Hyattsville Vacuum Service will call you from 301-277-3553 when we have an estimate for the repair, or your machine is ready for pick up.

Please respond or come pick up your machine as soon as possible, we have limited storage space for repairs.

Vacuum repair tip

Save time and money: Replace the vacuum cleaner’s bag or empty its dust cup before it is completely full.

Bags that have never been changed and dust cups that have never been emptied are a frequent problem we see in the shop. Dirty filters are another common issue that will stop your vacuum. And all of that dust can cause more expensive damage, such as a burned out motor.

When we have to change a bag or filter or empty a cup, we will have to charge labor costs. So if you need a new bag or filter give us a call at 301-277-3553 or drop us a line: [email protected]. We guarantee it will be cheaper!

Call now if you have questions about our repair policies.